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How to Make Money selling Cosmetics Online

You want to make money online selling cosmetics, but you don’t even know where to start, right? You’re not alone. Selling cosmetics is a lucrative business, and you just need to have a strategy to become successful in the industry.

What do you need to ask yourself before you start selling cosmetics?

1. Why Cosmetics?         

Whenever you want to start a new business, you must find its pros and cons. Some of the pros of starting a cosmetics business are these;

  • It’s a dream come true of earning a decent living from the comfort of your dream
  • Selling cosmetics attracts high-end customers
  • If you keep yourself looking good and have experience in the industry of applying make-up, then you’ll have many customers who will want to buy from you
  • If you have a lot of knowledge of similar products, then you fit perfectly for the job
  • Most of the products will not expire or get old

Apart from these reasons to start a cosmetic line, you also need to know that you will never lack market, because women don’t get tired of applying make-up every morning, just to look good.

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2. Which cosmetics?

You need to test each of the make-up that you plan to sell. You cannot sell very light powder to someone who is dark because the face will end up not complementing the rest of the body parts. So, be sure to test the ones that you’re planning to sell, just to be sure that you will serve your customers well. Here are some of the best make-up to choose;

  • Waterproof lip gloss
  • Mascara
  • Popular brand’s original foundation
  • Aging products
  • Original lipsticks

Cosmetics cover other wide range of products including perfumes, lotions, and even moisturizers. You just need to find a target audience, know what they like and decide about what to sell based on that.

3. Where to sell?

It’s quite easy to find customers if you know where to look. You can drop catalogs in offices, restaurants, hospitals, schools including your contact information on it. You can also host a party; advertise among your neighbors, friends and even relatives. Be sure to wear it on, when doing this just to make them see how beautiful they look on you. This will give you so many customers.

When a potential customer walks to you and asks for a face beat, try to ask them the right questions regarding their face before you apply anything to them. For example, you can ask them the type of their skin (dry, normal, or sweaty). This will guide you to understand what you can apply to their face. If they don’t know the type of their skin, you need to test it to know the make-up type they should use.

You can also sell your cosmetics on eBay, Instagram, Amazon, Reddit and across other social media platforms.

4. What’s my goal?

You can make cosmetics goals by dividing a big goal into a small and specific one. For example, when your goal is to sell $5,000 worth of products every month, you can make the goal achievable by giving each of the products you sell a target. You can say, for example, that you want your lipsticks to give you $1000 in that month, the foundation to give you $800 in the same month and so forth. This would be a great way to start.


Selling cosmetics is a highly lucrative business, but for you to succeed in selling them, you must know what products exactly you want to sell and where you will sell them. You also need to have a strategy and know to whom you’re selling.